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Corey Olynik

“I’m curious about people, relentlessly curious,” says Corey Olynik. “I’m fascinated by what makes individuals who they are. I listen. I ask questions; then more questions. I look for hope. I hope for passion. I help find clarity and purpose. Simply, my life is about helping people become more.”

A professional “outside perspective” since the 90s, Corey sees his calling as “whispering in the ears of difference-makers.” A former political strategist, broadcast executive, pastor and business-to-business leader, Corey captured some of his thinking in the 2006 book The Mentor’s Mentor.

A regular blogger and occasional tweeter, he has published a weekly leadership question since 2000. LifeQues for Leaders appears in inboxes worldwide every Monday morning prompting difference-makers to pause and reflect on life and leadership.

Raised in Moose Jaw and educated in Saskatchewan and Kentucky, (plus some Executive Education at the Harvard Kennedy School), Corey is Past President of the Board of Directors at the ALEX Community Health Centre, past Director of CAUSE Canada, a member of ILA (International Leadership Association), CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) and Mensa.

“Becoming a grandparent has brought a lot of things into perspective. Each of us will leave our fingerprints on the future, somehow. Sometimes that’s our intention, sometimes it’s by accident.”

Corey Olynik

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