Don Cottle

As a Naviond Advisor, Don has gone on record to say that he is “very excited to have the opportunity to share his experiences with Naviond Leaders about the great questions in life”.

As a former CEO, Harvard MBA and successful Entrepreneur, Don has gained a deep understanding of what it takes to successfully lead an enterprise and to inspire people.

Don was involved in variety of businesses, including the Dun & Bradstreet Group, Real Estate Development, Computer Equipment and Krames Patient Education, the very successful creators/publishers of “Patient Information” booklets. Thirty-five years later, these information booklets are still widely used in Hospitals, Clinics and Physician’s Offices throughout the United States.

In 1988, Don was invited to join Vistage International (formerly TEC) as Chair to facilitate Groups of CEOs. Vistage is a leading worldwide organization with the mandate of “Increasing the Effectiveness and Enhancing the Lives of Chief Executives”. During his 23 years of managing two CEO groups, Don logged close to 12,000 hours of coaching CEO’s, Presidents, Business Owners and over 5,000 hours in facilitating group meetings of Senior Level Executives.

After leaving Vistage in 2011, Don was awarded the prestigious title of “Chair Emeritus” for his numerous achievements, becoming one of only fourteen former Vistage Chairs to receive this honor, since the founding of the Company in 1957.

Don has served on numerous Boards of Directors and as a Trustee for a private high school. He is married to Diane and the father of three children and three grandchildren.

Don Cottle

Naviond Advisor
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Navigating life after business and beyond