Naviond Groups

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

—African Proverb

A small group of ex-CEOs and senior executives is a very powerful and inspiring instrument for providing guidance to life after business. Naviond groups are particularly strong because they raise questions we haven’t asked ourselves. They provide answers we haven’t anticipated. They challenge our assumptions and stimulate us to action. They help us see opportunities we would never otherwise discover and they help us reach our aims.

The questions Naviond groups ask themselves range from “What is our purpose, at this stage of our lives?” to “How can we make the greatest contribution?” and “What kind of legacy do we want to leave?”

Each Naviond group has just 8 to 10 members, all ex-CEOs and senior executives. The Naviond Leader guiding the group has had deep experience in conducting discussion groups among senior leaders including one-on-one consultations.

Each group meets five times a year for an intensive, half-day discussion, followed by luncheon. In addition, each member meets separately with the Naviond Leader four times a year for a personal session lasting two hours. Individual groups may decide to meet more or less often. The Naviond Leader is someone with whom you may comfortably discuss issues not easily addressed with anyone else. In these meetings you gain deep understanding of what is truly important to you in this new phase of your life.

We engage candidly with each other, but we keep our comments constructive and our discussions absolutely confidential.

Navigating life after business and beyond